Outreach and Involvement 2021

Our next Public Appearance will be at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival!!

Capt. Laurel Seaborn is presenting on Seafaring Women on Sat, Sept 11th @ 2:30pm (PDT). Please join us to learn more about her latest research!

Current 2021 projects for SEAMAHP include:

Capt. Seaborn is developing content on maritime archaeology for middle/high school students with Curious Minds Dive Foundation – STEAMpunks Ocean.

We are always up for collaborations with interested organizations that promote awareness of maritime cultural heritage. (Contact us for more info! seamahp@gmail.com)

– view of the shipwreck on Little Misery Island (© photo courtesy Hayden Cushing)

Our book chapter on Citizen Science based on the Curious Case of Steamer City of Rockland will soon be published with University Press of Florida! We’ll let you know when it’s available!

Dr. Calvin Mires is expanding his work with veterans that he began with the Diver-Archaeological Reconnaissance Cooperative (DivARC) program which brought military veterans and civilians together in a shared mission.

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