FAQ 2016


From July 25-29th, SEAMAHP in collaboration with MBUAR will be running an accredited course through Salem State University in Massachusetts. Listed as:
Maritime Archaeology of the North Shore
(Topics in Public History HST 305-91, ref# 1812)

2016 Field School: Register Now!

The course will be an intensive week-long program held in Salem MA and on the shores north of Boston. Salem State University is now accepting registration from both college students and the public for this summer institute. The course will cover methods and practice of archaeological research, survey and documentation of historic shipwreck sites. In addition to methodological training and lectures, participants will get experience with all aspects of fieldwork in a dynamic environment on the seashore.

Participants will receive three credits through Salem State University (SSU) AND certifications through the Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS). The NAS Training Program gives the student an internationally recognized qualification for future maritime archaeology projects.

Dr. Calvin Mires and Capt. Laurel Seaborn of SEAMAHP (Seafaring Education and Maritime Archaeological Heritage Program) along with Victor Mastone of MBUAR (Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources) are the program instructors. They all have extensive experience in maritime archaeological field methods, archival research, and site documentation.

For more information contact us at SEAMAHP:

Dr. Calvin Mires or Capt. Laurel Seaborn (Seamahp@gmail.com)
or Victor Mastone (Victor.Mastone@state.ma.us)

Read on for details!

Maritime Archaeology Field School details:

The Continuing Education Office at Salem State University is now accepting registration!  Course enrollment is limited so don’t wait to sign up.

Dates: July 25 to 29, 2016

Location: Salem and North Shore of Massachusetts

Course description:

  • Maritime Archaeology Field School (HST 305-91 ref#1812)
  • Research Focus – “The life cycle of ships” from design and building to sailing and life aboard, to the shipwreck on the shore. Focus is on what this can tell us of the people who lived and worked in this maritime industries and ports. Students will work with maritime archaeologists including the MBUAR’s Chief Archaeologist to map the site through recording and survey of the wreck site.
  • Skills, Procedures & Lectures: Students will receive instruction in planning and safety, theory and methodology, procedures, archaeological recording and excavation, artifact documentation and in situ conservation, analysis of findings and publication of results.

Course Outcomes:

  • Participants will receive three credits through Salem State University (SSU).
  • Certifications through the internationally recognized Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS) Training Program.


  • No prerequisite courses are required!
  • General level of fitness. Participants must be able to do physical work on site.
  • All field work will be conducted on beach or shore front, so participants do NOT require dive certification. Participants should anticipate getting wet during field operations.

Fees and costs:

  • The course fee of $1090 is inclusive of all materials, except course textbook.
  • The course book is Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice by Amanda Bowens (approx. cost = $32, check online bookstores for copies).
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from Salem, MA. Once at the campus, transport will be provided to and from field work.

On-campus Housing:

  • If required, on-campus housing can be arranged in advance through SSU. Please contact them directly to inquire about what is included (such as bedding etc.)
  • Participants are responsible for their own meals, and a fully-operational kitchen is available for those staying in the dorms.
  • For information on costs per night for 2016, contact: housing@salemstate.edu or call 978-542-6416
  • Forms to sign up as a Summer Guest in the dorms can be found at:  www.salemstate.edu/student_life/3327.php

Register Online:

<< Click here to Register Now for the 2016 Field School! >>

Or to register go to:


  • If you are not already a student at Salem State, follow the link “First Time Self-service Registration for Non-degree students.” Use registration ref# 1812.
  • Sign up as an “undergraduate” (there is no unaccredited option).
  • Maritime Archaeology of the North Shore (Field School) is listed as the Continuing Studies Summer course: HST 305 – 91 “Topics in Public History” and registration ref# 1812.

If you have any issues with the online registration process, please contact the SSU Office of Continuing Studies (ce@salemstate.edu) at 978-542-6324. Or let us know and we will attempt to resolve it.

For more information contact us at SEAMAHP:

Dr. Calvin Mires or Capt. Laurel Seaborn (Seamahp@gmail.com)
or Victor Mastone (Victor.Mastone@state.ma.us)