2019 Field School

Be part of the dig! Join us for our summer field school from Aug 5th-9th, 2019.

SEAMAHP in collaboration with MBUAR will be running a hands-on archaeological dig into the past, as an accredited course through Salem State University (SSU) in Massachusetts.

Last year we began investigating a steamship wreck on Little Misery Island near Salem. We’ll be delving into the site again this summer, ferrying out to the island each day the tide allows.

Registration is now open! at www.salemstate.edu/summer.

on website2
Recording the wreck before the tide covers it again!


Wondering what it’ll be like? – Check out the gallery for photos from the previous  years’ field schools, and read about a student’s experience on site!

See our FAQs page on how to sign up this year. Join us on Facebook for updates.


© photos property of SEAMAHP

(Featured photo is of ship City of Rockland, found un-credited online, but known to be held in the fantastic collections at Penobscot Marine Museum, Maine)

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